Thursday, 15 January 2015

Jaipur Hotels- Classification and Categories

Draped in royal passion, Jaipur is the quondam royal city of Rajasthan. It was soon after the end of the regal rule that the generous residences of royalty and other historic mansions were converted into heritage hotels in Jaipur. This way their preservation became easier and the magical dissipation of these majestic castles became available for a crowd of art and architecture lovers. Other than these customary entities Jaipur also has its share of modern style Jaipur hotels. Thus from extraordinary heritage properties to rare luxury hotels to cheaper version of 5 star hotels, the reasonable 4 star hotels and even budget 3 star properties, hotels in Jaipur are accessible in all sizes and shapes to suit criterion of world travelers.

Jaipur is a tremendous tourist city; it is city travelers instantly falls in love with. Be it its classic structural design or its brightly colorful bazaars, its local people in colorful clothes or display of its gripping festivals and art forms. Globetrotters from around the globe thus stay it very often and they all locate ideal base at these Jaipur hotels:

Luxury Class: Designed wonderfully and upgraded with newest fashions and gadgets, luxury hotels in Jaipur are ideal mode of lodging for the lovers of colorful standard of living. In many ways these are ideal for business class travelers too for they offer all business facilities to ensure their guests continue with their corporate functionality even when away from their work stations. 

*Best of lavish luxury class hotels include names of Hotel Arco Palace- 3 Star Hotel, Jal Mahal Palace, Chokhi Dhani Resort and Sheraton Rajputana.

Heritage Properties: Stay at these properties is all about a royal experience and so is delivered at these tradition category Jaipur hotels. While the interiors are renovate the exteriors and the essence of these heritage hotels remain the same that of a royal era. From irresistible hospitality to impressive arrangement and antique furnishings these hotels are most suggested accommodation for lovers of history, painting and structural design.

* Hotel Arco Palace- 3 Star Hotel, Narain Niwas Palace, Alsisar Haveli, and Somde Haveli are some of the best heritage hotels Jaipur boasts of.

Budget & 3 star Hotels: Once a city of crowned heads, Jaipur in today's age is frequented by all kinds of vacationer including backpackers and groups of friends on quick weekend getaways and so there is a large amount of 3 star and budget hotels in Jaipur city to lodge them. Preferred for their ideal locations, reasonable price range and customizable facilities this category of hotels are found in abundantly in the city.

*Some of the best budget category hotels are Hotel Arco Palace- 3 Star Hotel, Pearl Palace Nana Ki Haveli, Raj Plaza and Rockland.

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